ZeroNights2016 Packer

ZeroNights2016 Packer is the top market application to keep your files stored and avoid sporadic remove, change or access to your data. Application enables you to save your files to our secure database and load it back when needed. You don't need to worry anymore about your files - they are safe with ZeroNights2016 Packer! Lost SD card, unpredicted file changes or curious friends' eyes - all that had just gone. You can even hide your files from other (possibly malicious) applications, making your data secure. ZeroNights2016 Packer uses special package-private space, so no other program can touch your data anymore!

There are even more features in ZeroNights2016 Packer Premium version. You can synchronize your data with our server and keep your data with you wherever you go and whatever you do. Data synchronization is made fast and simple and more: that's absolutely secure. Encryption on you phone is another feature of Premium version. Your data cannot be read anymore, even if somebody has stolen your phone!

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